How to Decorate Your Phone or Tablet with Epoxy Acrylic Charms

How to Decorate Your Phone or Tablet with Epoxy Acrylic Charms

Decorating your phone or tablet with epoxy acrylic charms is a fun and creative way to personalize your devices. These keychains add a touch of individuality and style while showcasing your interests and personality. Here’s a simple guide on how to use epoxy acrylic keychains to decorate your phone or tablet:


Start by selecting epoxy acrylic keychains that reflect your style and interests. Whether you prefer cute animals, vibrant colors, favorite characters, or inspirational quotes, there are endless designs to choose from. Ensure the keychain is lightweight and not too bulky for easy attachment.


Many epoxy acrylic charms come with a small loop or hole for attaching a phone strap. If your phone or tablet case has a built-in strap hole, you can easily thread the phone strap through this hole and attach the keychain. If your case doesn’t have a strap hole, you can purchase adhesive phone strap holders that stick to the back of your case.


For cases without strap holes, you can use adhesive hooks or clips designed for phones and tablets. These small, unobtrusive accessories stick to your device’s case, providing a spot to clip or hook your keychain. Make sure to position the hook or clip where it won’t interfere with your device’s functionality.


Magnetic keychain holders are another convenient option. These holders attach to your phone or tablet case with strong adhesive and use magnets to hold the keychain in place. This method allows for easy removal and attachment of the keychain without any hassle.


If you’re feeling crafty, you can create your own attachment method. For example, use a small piece of strong double-sided tape or adhesive dots to stick the keychain directly to your case. Ensure the adhesive is strong enough to hold the keychain securely but also removable without damaging your case.


Consider decorating a secondary phone case specifically for displaying your . You can switch to this case when you want to showcase your keychains and switch back to your regular case when you need a more streamlined look.


When attaching keychains, be mindful of the placement to avoid obstructing cameras, buttons, or ports. Position the keychain where it can hang freely without interfering with your device’s usage. The bottom of the case or near the charging port is often a good spot.


One of the great things about using keychains for decoration is the ease of swapping them out. Change your keychains according to your mood, the season, or specific events. This keeps your phone or tablet looking fresh and exciting.


If you have a collection of epoxy acrylic charms, consider using a keychain holder ring. Attach multiple keychains to the ring and then secure the ring to your phone or tablet. This method allows you to display several keychains at once, creating a unique and personalized look.


By following these tips, you can easily use epoxy acrylic keychains to decorate your phone or tablet, adding a touch of personality and flair to your everyday tech accessories.

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