Custom Acrylic Keychian Vogesey Cnc Best Transparent Side Keychain

Custom Acrylic Keychian Vogesey Cnc Best Transparent Side Keychain

Acrylic keychain, this fashionable and practical accessory makes every day fresh. Acrylic charm are even more unique and attract countless eyes. So, how exactly are these beautifully acrylic charms made? Next, let's explore the mystery of making VOGESEY personalized acrylic keychains.

Acrylic, scientifically known as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), is also commonly known as Plexiglas. As an outstanding representative of acrylic plastics, it has many advantages such as excellent transparency, weather resistance, ease of customization and versatility, and it is with these qualities that VOGESEY's acrylic keychains have stood out in the market and won the hearts of consumers.

VOGESEY is highly acclaimed for its customization versatility, cost-effectiveness, high quality, low MOQ, fast production time and creative manufacturing concepts. From transparent to colorful, from glitter to epoxy coated, from holographic to rainbow effects, and even silver or gold plated, VOGESEY offers a wide variety of colorful acrylic keychains for you to choose from.

During the production process, VOGESEY uses a specialized UV printing process whereby special inks are printed directly onto a highly transparent PET film, which is then adhered to an acrylic sheet. This process allows the unprinted edges or parts to remain clear and transparent, adding a unique aesthetic to the acrylic keychain. The printed pattern is vivid, high definition and the colors are long lasting and vibrant, giving the keychain an endless charm.

Clear acrylic keychains can be printed on one or both sides for design flexibility. You can customize the design with just one piece, and the production time is only 5-7 days, so you can easily have your own personalized acrylic keychain. In addition, you can choose to add enhancements such as epoxy coatings, glitter or holographic effects to give your acrylic keychain even more character.34 types of acrylic keychain accessories to choose from, the creativity is unlimited, let your imagination run wild.

Epoxy acrylic keychains are favored for their sturdy texture and excellent water resistance. The epoxy coating not only prevents surface scratches, but also makes the acrylic keychain more attractive and durable. These acrylic keychains are usually printed on both sides and are available with either a front epoxy or glitter epoxy coating to give your acrylic keychain a unique appeal.


Holographic acrylic keychains are another specialty product from VOGESEY. Combining acrylic, metallic materials and holographic film creates an eye-catching, shiny, durable and waterproof accessory. Double-sided printing and diverse holographic designs make your acrylic keychain even more unique and eye-catching.

Rainbow acrylic keychains are another exciting option. The stunning rainbow hues can be seen from different angles, adding a touch of mystery and romance to your keychain. The epoxy coating and glitter options add to the beauty and durability of this acrylic keychain.

Last but not least, VOGESEY's glitter acrylic keychain is recognized for its unique shimmering effect. Custom glitter stickers can be customized to any shape or pattern you want, and are both durable and maintain their vibrant colors. Perfect for decorating, collecting or trading.

All in all, VOGESEY's personalized acrylic keychains bring you unlimited possibilities and creative space with its excellent quality, rich styles and fast customization service. Choose VOGESEY to make your keychain a fashion accessory to show your personality!

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